About the Campaign

The right Orthotic support can be crucial for people with disabilities. They help a person to function to the best of their ability, to manage pain and reduce deformity. The Orthotics Campaign has grown out of the "North Staffs Orthotics Campaign" a local group of service users, their families and carers. When the local campaign began to hear negative Orthotics experiences from around the country it became clear that the national picture could not be ignored. We believe radical reform at top level is needed in order that the patients and the NHS can benefit from good orthotics care. This will not only save the tax payer money but will prevent unnecessary suffering.

We have now gained the cooperation of NHS England who are listening to our concerns and are exploring some solutions. A report has now been published (Nov 2015) outlining their action plan. However it is important that we keep the momentum up and that we have many members who are prepared to speak in one loud voice demanding change. Could you add your voice to ours to give us "strength in numbers?"

We will

  • gather the voices of patients and professionals across England
  • unite them into one loud voice for change
  • make contact with the key people who we believe can make a difference
  • persist until positive action is taken to revolutionise NHS Orthotics provision in England

Add your voice to ours

We are looking for all sorts of NHS Orthotics stories - examples of excellent practice, news of how good Orthoses have made a difference in people's lives, as well as information about when things have not gone well and what needs improving.

We will use your views and examples anonymously. However sometimes sharing details like your name and location helps us to validate the information to those we are pressing for change. If this is the case we will ALWAYS ask your permission before we do this.